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These columns include articles and editorials on making a contribution, the review process, and journal trends.

On the Replicability of Abductive Research in Management and Organizations: Internal Replication and Its Alternatives by Peter A. Bamberger [JUNE 2019] 

What Is A Pre-Theory Paper? Some Insights to Help You Recognize or Create A Pre-Theory Paper for AMD by Sandra L. Robinson [MAR 2019] 

Qualitative Discovery: Empirical Exploration at AMD by Marlys K. Christianson and Gail Whiteman [DEC 2018] 

Editors’ Introduction: Business Models, Ecosystems, and Society in the Sharing Economy by Tomi Laamanen, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Ke Rong, and Andrew Van de Ven [SEP 2018] 

Finding New Kinds of Needles in Haystacks: Experimentation in the Course of Abduction by Jennifer Mueller [JUN 2018] 

AMD—Clarifying What We Are about and Where We Are Going by Peter A. Bamberger [MAR 2018] 

AMD—Advancing Discoveries Through Empirical Exploration by Andrew H. Van de Ven [DEC 2017] 

Construct Validity Research in AMD by Peter Bamberger [SEP 2017]  

The Changing Nature of Work: Careers, Identities, and Work Lives in the 21st Century by Stephen R. Barley, Beth A. Bechky, and Frances J. Milliken [JUNE 2017] 

Leveraging New Technologies to Enrich and Enable Management Research: AMD’s Media Strategy by Curtis LeBaron [MAR 2017] 

Exploring Emergent and Poorly Understood Phenomena in the Strangest of Places: The Footprint of Discovery in Replications, Meta-analyses, and Null Findings by Chet Miller [DEC 2016]

Happy Birthday, AMD! by Andrew Van de Ven [SEP 2016] 

Publishing Qualitative Research by Africa Arino, Curtis LeBaron, and Frances J. Milliken [JUNE 2016] 

AMD Paper Commentaries by Andrew Van de Ven [JUNE 2016] 

The Quantitative Discovery by Peter Bamberger and Soon Ang [MAR 2016] 

Peer Review, Root Canals, and Other Amazing Life Events by Andrew H. Van de Ven and Chet Miller [DEC 2015] 




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