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Submitting a Manuscript

Submission Process

Please send all new AMR submissions to the Editor Jay Bryan Barney at Manuscript Central. Follow the instructions for the web-based submission system, making sure you have a manuscript Word file that has no title page or other identifying information on it.

If you need assistance uploading your paper or proposal, please contact the  ScholarOne helpline on weekdays (Monday - Friday) between 12:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST at  1-434-964-4100 or  1-888-503-1050 (US). You may also email them at: MC Support @ or visit their "get help now" website at: GET HELP NOW!

Submission Requirements

When authors submit their manuscript or review essays proposal to AMR for publication consideration, they agree to abide by AMR's publication requirements. Specifically, an author must:

Agree that the manuscript is not under review for publication elsewhere and will not be submitted to another publication entity during the review period at AMR.

Confirm that the manuscript has not previously been submitted to AMR for review. Submission of manuscripts previously published in Academy Proceedings is acceptable; similarly, prior presentation at a conference or concurrent consideration for presentation at a conference does not disqualify a manuscript from submission to AMR.

Agree that working papers, prior drafts, and/or final versions of submitted manuscripts that are posted on a Web site (e.g., personal, departmental, university, or working series site) will be taken down during the review process.

Submission of a manuscript to the Academy of Management Review also carries an implicit quid pro quo: willingness to review for AMR. The cornerstone of the editorial process at AMR is the willingness of colleagues to provide each other feedback through peer review. Authors who submit manuscripts to AMR for review are expected to reciprocate by reviewing for AMR if called upon to do so.

Any article, review essay or dialogue submission to AMR should be prepared according to the AMR Style Guide for Authors, but should omit the title page for the purpose of uploading onto the Web-based submission system. This file must contain a detailed 200 word abstract (except for review essay and dialogue submissions) and all end materials such as appendixes, references, tables, and figures. The submission must be typed using a twelve-pitch or larger Times New Roman font, with margins of at least one-inch.

To submit a manuscript, first make sure you have a Word file from which the title page and all author- identifying references have been removed. Then, go to the web-site at Manuscript Central and follow the directions. Acknowledgments of others' help in preparing the paper for submission should be included in the letter to the Editor that is featured as part of the web-based submission process.


View the AOM Ethics policy page, which includes the Academy of Management Code of Ethics and detailed Procedures and Inquiry requests.

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