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Dynamic Editions

Even better than print!

The Academy of Management's Dynamic Editions of its journals and Annual Meeting Program help to bring print issues to life with search and page turning features, highlighted audio/video, and bookmarking capabilities.

NEW! Members can jump from one journal to another with only one click! A simple access page at the front of each Dynamic Edition can provide a gateway to a wealth of content.

Summer 2017: One-click member access to the AOM Annual Meeting Program Dynamic Edition!

One-Click Single Access


Dynamic Editions are filled with features that improve upon print editions, including:

  • PDF download for offline access and printing
  • Reading adjustments to flip, zoom, and pan pages
  • Options to toggle between 1- and 2-page layouts as well as full screen
  • Virtual "Sticky Notes" can be easily inserted and easily moved
  • Highlighter tool for flagging special content
  • Advertiser menu with direct site links
  • Share links via social media
  • Advanced Keyword Search
  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents and Participant Index
  • Online conversation through social media
  • Streaming audio/video with flash animation
  • Connect with attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors
  • Tutorial for a quick walk through all features
  • Page toolbars with language settings, help, and much more...
  • Tile view of contents for a simple overview

We hope you find this new benefit a valuable addition to your Academy membership - happy reading!

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