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Professional Development Workshops (PDW)

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  Professional Development Workshops (PDWs)

The Professional Development Workshops run on Friday and Saturday, from 8 am - 8 pm each day, with additional All-Academy Theme Workshops scheduled on Sunday. In contrast to the refereed scholarly program that has standardized time blocks and formats, the PDWs include a wide variety of session formats with various session durations. These workshops include Doctoral Consortia and Junior Faculty Consortia that are organized by the Academy's Divisions, Interest Groups and Committees. All the divisions, interest groups and committees have designated PDW Chairs to manage the session selection procedure. Many of these sessions incorporate the conference theme.


Before submitting, please think about the following five questions as they pertain to a Professional Development Workshop.

  • Does the workshop offer a high quality and high level learning experience that has a significant positive impact on the professional development of the participants?
  • Does the workshop provide participants with clear "take away"? (e.g. learn a new skill; develop a new research plan)
  • Does the workshop have a theme and a group of participants that will draw a strong audience regardless of competing sessions or scheduling restrictions?
  • Does the workshop encourage multi-way conversation and interaction among participants from multiple divisions, disciplines, regions, career stages, or demographic backgrounds?
  • Is the workshop creative and innovative in all of its elements?

William L. Dougan of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, has provided an additional resource in the form of A Guide for Creating and Managing a Good Professional Development Workshop.

•    Submitters do not need to be members to submit a proposal to the Annual Meeting.
•    If a proposal is accepted, participants must register to attend the Annual Meeting.
•    All participants attending the Annual Meeting must be AOM Members and registered for the Annual Meeting.

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