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In our fast-paced digital world, Academy of Management members count on the ability to interact with one another in a digital environment. Academy and Division leaders have worked hard to find ways to help our members connect to one another more frequently and more meaningfully throughout the year, outside of the annual meeting. That effort, designed to foster dynamic member interaction, has moved beyond traditional tools like listservs and static websites.

In response to this growing need, the AOM now offers an online community, “Connect@AOM,” which provides a more robust interactive experience for our members. The Divisions and Interest Groups of the Academy transitioned to this new platform in phased stages over the course of 2018-2019.

Connect@AOM helps us meet several aspirational goals for improved member service including:

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Connect@AOM is seamlessly integrated with your AOM membership profile. This means that members are automatically included in their various division and interest group communities – no additional subscription required!



With the adoption of Connect@AOM, existing listserv technology has been upgraded to the “Discussions” feature on the community platform. Member engagement is facilitated through threaded conversations which may be delivered in a Daily Digest directly to your email inbox. Unlike flat, text-only listservs, members can upload videos or attachments, as well as embed HTML graphics into conversations, enhancing communications and the member experience.

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Each community has a centralized library where members may upload and share different types of multimedia files, creating a valuable repository of documents and a robust knowledge base around specific topical categories. All of the shared files and resources can be searched and easily found based on defined tags or media type. Members can comment, engage, and collaborate with one another around specific files and resources.



All members have the ability to contribute to a “Community Calendar” which can capture dates and deadlines for items such as Academy Annual Meeting deadlines, special community events, related calls for papers, conferences or workshops, and more. All events are aggregated in a single display, making the community a valuable one-stop resource for all of the important events and happenings in the community’s domain.



DIG volunteers are working in collaboration with AOM HQ staff to moderate, maintain, and expand the Connect@AOM offering. This work also includes developing new division websites that integrate the features and content of the community in an effective manner. Here’s what youcan do to participate:

Please feel free to email with specific questions about the community.

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